Dreaming of an ecological future

For PAPI FABIO sustainability is not an abstract idea but a reality that everyday translates into concrete activities. The company firmly believes that efficiency, energy saving, renewable electricity and process optimization have been and will be strategic issues.

Here at PAPI FABIO, we have devoted numerous economic and human resources in order to develop projects related to environmental sustainability, such as installing an advanced photovoltaic system that allows considerable CO2 emission saving.

We support a simplified production process using pre- and post-consumer recycled fibres, certified by GRS (Global Recycle Standard). We use special RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified sustainable wools which are fully traceable and exclusively supplied by farms that implement responsible farming and land management practices.

Moreover, we have also joined the Detox project, strengthening a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment in which we operate. Meticulous attention is directed to maintain appropriate air and water quality, reducing the use of all harmful products used in processing.

The company practices sustainable business models and the manufacturing processes are entirely made in Italy and fully traceable.

Detox Project

PAPI FABIO recognizes the importance of excluding substances classified as dangerous in its production cycle.

For this reason, in 2016, we considered it appropriate to sign the DETOX commitment promoted by GREENPEACE.

Together with the most important companies in the Prato Textile District and coordinated by Confindustria Nord, we are confident that this changelling but important responsability will lead to significant improvements for the environment and for human life.